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We are on the mission to contribute to the global fight against financial crime

At Financial Crime Academy, we believe that education is the key to every challenge in the world. This holds true especially for financial crimes. We are dedicated to deliver highly relevant content to improve the knowledge of professionals working in the field and for individuals looking to sharpen their business-related skills and accelerate their careers. Our educational programs comprise of high-quality, easy-to-access, and affordable online trainings which are all built on the relevant practical experience of our international instructors.

Florian Haufe

Instructor & Founder

Florian is a compliance and anti-financial crime expert. He works internationally as a management consultant and advises clients cross-industry in highly critical situations. Florian was an inhouse compliance officer in the past.

Vanessa Dombek


Vanessa is a seasoned anti-financial crime specialist. She has in-depth knowledge of KYC & CDD requirements and a great deal of experience in dealing with complex and high-risk multijursidictional structures.

Christiaan Vorster


Christiaan is a jurist, compliance counsel and anti-financial crime specialist. Christiaan is uniquely experienced in international banking and in the dynamic global FinTech space across multiples jurisdictions.

Lukas Plexnies

Videographer & Editor

Lukas is a talented movie and video production expert. He works with various large corporations to shot and edit video content. For Financial Crime Academy, Lukas works to shot, edit, and post-process all our online courses.

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