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Custom In-House Training with impactful Real-world learning for teams

To cope with the requirement for the continuous training for all staff at appropriate times, we offer custom in-house training on different subject matter areas. Each firm is different in their approach and requirements for compliance and their specific policy and procedures. Firms are varied sizes, with differing levels of expertise and distinct types of clients and works undertaken.

Our Approach to In-House Training

Where a sponsoring organisation needs something that goes beyond the structured content of our courses, we have the flexibility to adapt program content and to incorporate client models, methodologies and in-house systems. Whatever the degree of customisation, the client retains the choice of local or off-site delivery.

Step 1: DEFINE

Define program scope, deliverables, outcomes, and responsibilities.

Step 2: DESIGN

Design best-practice programs that align with learning objectives.

Step 3: DECIDE

Decide training components with the clients to ensure learning objectives are met in the programs


Deliver exceptional programs that delight training participants and other stakeholders alike, while ensuring learning objectives are met.

Delivery Options

We offer popular face-to-face training as well as online through Zoom or Teams; whichever your firm utilizes or finds more convenient.

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Online Training

Our Expertise

We tailor our training sessions to meet your own firm’s individual requirements, policies, and procedures. We provide full notes to each attendee so they can be referred to in future.

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Learn In-Demand Skills with On-Demand Courses

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