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Learn the Basics of Money Laundering, AML, Risk Based Approach, AML Compliance Programs, KYC, CDD, EDD, PEP, and more!


What you’ll learn


Explain the term money laundering


Exemplify common money laundering schemes


Be aware of the consequences for non-compliance


Initiate the AML risk assessment


Understand the AML Concepts: CDD, EDD, KYC, KYCC, KYB, and PEP


Comprehend the three stages of money laundering


Understand the relevant of anti-money laundering


Recognize the risk-based approach


Design an effective AML compliance program





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Course Description

Welcome to the course AML Essentials: Anti Money Laundering, KYC and Compliance where you will learn all the basics and fundamentals about Anti Money Laundering and AML Compliance.

Your learning journey will cover a number of important Money Laundering and Anti Money Laundering concepts, including:

  • What is Money Laundering? And what are Predicate Offenses?
  • How does Money Laundering work in practice? What are the Three Stages of Money Laundering?
  • What is Anti-money Laundering? What are the Consequence of Non-compliance?
  • What is the Risk-based approach (RBA)? What is an AML Risk Assessment?
  • What is required for an effective AML Compliance Program?
  • What do the concepts Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD)?
  • What is Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and what are Politically Exposes Persons (PEPs)?

Throughout this course you can test your newly acquired knowledge with quiz questions. You will also find a great deal of additional resources as part of this course, including cheat sheets, checklists, questionnaires, tables, and more!

There are no prerequisites for this course and it can be completed in just 1 to 2 hours of your time. That’s a very good time investment!

Who this course is for

  • Professionals wanting to acquire and demonstrate specialized knowledge in AML and Compliance
  • Professionals wanting to increase their value through better understanding of AML and Compliance
  • Career starters and students wanting to build a comprehensive AML and Compliance knowledge
  • Anyone who is genuinly intersted in money laundering, AML, and Compliance

Certificate of Completion

Completing this course shows your dedication to fight money laundering and protect your organization. Why not show that you have acquired specialized knowledge in the field of AML? This courses comes with a Certificate of Completion that you can use to show your newly acquired skills and improved professional value through a better understanding of AML compliance. Start the course and earn your AML certificate today!

Bonus Material

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Get access to our exclusive LinkedIn community, where you can exchange and connect with like-minded anti-financial crime professionals and expand your network.

Quiz Questions

This online training contains several quizzes with numerous quiz questions so that you can test your newly acquired knowledge right away and determine which skills you have mastered!

Download Material

This online training includes the entire course script, the course slides, and several other resources as additional download material for later reference and further use.


well explained course material by the tutor. very relevant and concise. thank you for the amazing lesson.
Keduetswe Saone Rathedi

It’s really a good course and thanks for giving such detailed information about AML
Sumit Kumar Anand

Useful course, it helped me understand the basics of anti money laundering in relation to financial institution compliance.
Natalie Austen

Great explanation about Placement, Layering and Integration.
Helio da Silva

The course was short, concise and precise. Covered the foundation of AML.


Meet Your Instructor

Florian Haufe

Instructor & Founder

Florian is a compliance and anti-financial crime expert. He works internationally as a management consultant and advises clients cross-industry in highly critical situations. Florian was an inhouse compliance officer in the past.

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