Qualification Framework

Our programs are specifically designed to support and develop professionals at each stage of their career.

Which program is right for me?

Level 1


Designed for those who need to understand the fundamentals of the subject area and recognize key issues, particularly relating to risk.

Level 2


Designed for those new to the discipline or in a junior role who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in relevant risk disciplines.

Level 3


Designed for those who already hold some experience and are looking to underpin their knowledge with a professional qualification.

Level 4


Designed for practitioners with experience who wish to acquire specific knowledge in a specialized niche.

Qualification Level

Anti-Financial Crime

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Fraud, Forensics, Investigations


  • FCA Specialist Certificate in Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • FCA Specialist Certificate in Counter-Terrorist Financing
  • FCA Specialist Certificate in Illegal Wildlife Trafficking


  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Know Your Customer
  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering
  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Capital Markets Compliance
  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Internal Audit
  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management
  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Forensic Accounting
  • FCA Advanced Certificate in Internal Investigations


  • FCA Intermediary Certificate in Sanctions Compliance

  • FCA Intermediary Certificate in Fraud Detection and Investigation
  • FCA Intermediary Certificate in Fraud Risk Management


  • FCA Foundational Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer
  • FCA Foundational Certificate in Internal Controls and Risk Management