FCA Core Team

The global Financial Crime Academy core team combines seasoned individuals with a variety of relevant skills and experiences, steering the activities of the organization and the development of corporate risk management and anti-financial rime training programs. The core team is regularly supplemented by hand-vetted talented corporate risk management and anti-financial crime freelancers from around the world.

Florian M. Haufe

Chief Executive Officer

Florian is a compliance and anti-financial crime expert. He works internationally as a management consultant and advises clients cross-industry in highly critical situations. Florian was an inhouse compliance officer in the past.

Vanessa Dombek

Chief Content Officer

Vanessa is a seasoned anti-financial crime specialist. She has in-depth knowledge of KYC & CDD requirements and a great deal of experience in dealing with complex and high-risk multijurisdictional structures.

Jermaine Beltran

Head of Training Development

James is a former news and TV professional as well as an experienced university lecturer. At the Financial Crime Academy, he assumes responsibility for designing corporate risk management and anti-financial crime training programs for our global audience.

Rhollet Ann Guinto


Rhollet is a journalist and writer. She has been an award-winning editor for a well-known newspaper. For the Financial Crime Academy, Rhollet maintains and edits the blog.

Rhollet Ann Guinto

David Paul Tanteo

Multimedia Producer

David is a movie and video production expert. He works with various large corporations to shot and edit video content. For Financial Crime Academy, David works to produce visual and multimedia elements.

David Paul Tanteo

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