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We design Custom eLearning Development Solutions to boost learner performance

We develop custom eLearning content on compliance, anti-financial crime, and risk management topics based on modern instructional design and visual design principles to create an impactful learning experience. Our Instructional/Visual Designers use interactive elements such as animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content and interactions to keep learners engaged and involved.

Our Approach to eLearning Development

Our online training courses are designed intuitively around the core elements of active learning. We always try to capture learner’s attention through our dynamic design, job-relevant storylines and great narratives.

We have a proven ability to design effective bespoke eLearning solutions converting your existing training content such as video-based, instructor-led, PDFs, PPTs and other paper-based learning content into custom interactive eLearning courses.

Relevant and Authentic

  • Learning Content is customized to the fit your organisation’s culture and context
  • Scenarios, simulations, case studies and relatable stories are incorporated so that the learners can connect their experience with real world examples
  • Courses are crafted precisely adhering to your brand and style guidelines

Meaningful and Motivational

  • Our courses are developed based on adult learning principles
  • Learning Content is chunked and organised to minimise cognitive overload, increasing learner’s understanding and retention
  • Courses are learner-centered and visually rich to attract the learners into the training material providing a personalized learning experience

Memorable and Measurable

  • Interactive and dynamic nature of our eLearning courses bring a true digital learning experience creating a lasting impression
  • Our eLearning courses are are designed to help you track the learner’s progress via our Learning Management System (LMS)

Interactive Learning Environment

  • Learners are stimulated to explore and learn
  • Our approach creates an engaging environment with realistic challenges throughout the course
  • Multi-device approach – As we use a state-of-the-art LMS for custom eLearning content development, training is easily accessible across a host of devices, from PCs to iPads
  • Assessment activities are designed to test the knowledge and decision making skills of the learners
  • Learners are acknowledged through rewards with feedback

Our Expertise

We develop custom eLearning content on compliance, anti-financial crime, and risk management topics, specializing on the subject areas below.

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