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Fully-managed Webinar Sponsorship Opportunities for Organizations

The Financial Crime Academy regularly (several times a month) produces webinars that provide the latest in innovative ideas from a wide range of leading experts in a compelling, broadly distributed format. The webinars offer practical, effective advice and strategies for professionals in anti-financial crime, compliance, and risk management. 

Benefits of Sponsoring an FCA Live Webinar

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Your company name will be associated with a gathering of industry experts who are presenting new and exciting ideas in your field in the webinar. And, as a sponsor, you will normally be asked to present at the webinar.

This gives you the ideal forum to talk about your business and be seen as a leading voice in your area. It also gives you a chance to introduce new products and gather feedback from a panel of prospective clients. Webinars are an excellent way to deliver detailed audio and visual information, while also encouraging audience engagement with features such as Q&A, polling and chat.

Generate Targeted Leads

Our audience is highly targeted and includes compliance, anti-financial crime, and risk management professionals working for some of the largest companies in the world.

The beauty of sponsoring a webinar is that it can generate leads and interest long after the live event has taken place in a very cost-effective way. This is because a webinar can be recorded and distributed time and time again, if required - particularly if you are looking to reach out to professionals in different time zones.

Utilize Fully Managed Promotion

Our editors lead the topic creation and recruit speakers, analysts, and other experts to present your topic, while our marketing team manages all production and development, promotion, and hosting.

Save Costs and Resources

Sponsoring a hosted webinar rather than running it yourself takes away any of the organisational stress of running an event and enables the professionals to do what they do best. To run and host your own webinar requires technical staff who understand and have the back-up to stream a live event - which may have viewer numbers in their hundreds or thousands - in a professional way.

Using our hosted webinar service guarantees that you will not drop off mid-sentence, that the sound and visual quality will be excellent and that the webinar is on-brand throughout.

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