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Anti-Financial Crime Courses and Webinars

A Look Into The Future Of Fincrime Thumbnail
Certificate In Anti-Financial Crime Compliance
Fca006 Certificate In Countering Illegal Wildlife Trade
Certificate In Cryptoasset Financial Crime Compliance
Fca015 Certificate In Anti Bribery And Corruption
The Dawn Of The Crime Fighting Machines Thumbnail
Fca025 Certificate In Environmental Crimes And Money Laundering
Fca018 Certificate In Capital Markets Compliance
Sanctions Screening And Monitoring Thumbnail
Crypto And Financial Crimes
Corruption Financial Crimes And Sanctions
Rethinking Compliance Training Winning Trust
Augmented Intelligence In Financial Crimes
White Collar Crimes
Fca014 Modern Slavery Impact On The Financial Sector
Fca027 Demystify Kyc
Fca036 Ai Applications In Financial Crime And Prevention
Navigating Gold Supply Chain Identifying Fincrime Red Flags Thumbnail
Financial Crimes Involving Cryptocurrencies Thumbnail
Upskill Your Workforce And Create An Effective Anti-Financial Crime Program Thumbnail
The Data Scientist That Became A Financial Crime Fighter Thumbnail
Evolving Regulatory Landscape: Impact On Cryptocurrency And Banking Industry'S Anti-Financial Crime Efforts Thumbnail

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Anti-Financial Crime Courses and Webinars Overview

What skills and capabilities will you acquire?

Among others:

  • Understand the fundamentals of anti-financial crime and compliance management in an organizational setting
  • Identify, evaluate, and deal with potential indicia for suspicion related to financial crimes and money laundering
  • Understand the essentials of the blockchain technology
  • Explain how the illegal wildlife trade works in practice
  • Identify critical red flags that may serve to identify illegal wildlife trade activities.
  • Comprehend on financial crime perpetrators and their motives
  • Acquire practical insight in how to handle financial crime incidents
  • Understand selected international landmark regulation in the prevention of bribery and corruption including (but not limited to) US and UK regulation
  • Identify, evaluate, and deal with potential indicia for suspicion related to bribery and corruption

Who should take anti-financial crime courses and webinars?

  • Professionals wanting to acquire and demonstrate specialized knowledge in anti-financial crime compliance and managing related compliance risks
  • Career starters and students wanting to get an edge in anti-financial crime, compliance, and corporate risk management
  • Professionals wanting to acquire and demonstrate specialized financial crime knowledge in cryptocurrencies
  • Anyone who is genuinely interested in cryptocurrencies and their relation to financial crimes
  • Professionals that want to build a comprehensive anti-financial crime, anti-money laundering, and countering illegal wildlife trade knowledge.
  • Risk management professionals that want to effectively manage financial crime risks
  • Fraud examiners that require a foundational overview about financial crimes
  • Career starters and students wanting to build a comprehensive anti-bribery and anti-corruption knowledge

Why choose to study anti-financial crime with the Financial Crime Academy?

Financial Crime Academy is the most disruptive professional online education provider for the global anti-financial crime and corporate risk management community. Since our foundation, we have already enhanced the professional skills of thousands of anti-financial crime and corporate risk management professionals all over the world through high quality, easy to access, and affordable online training programs.

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