Combating Human Trafficking: Unveiling the Connection to Bank Scams and Suspicious Transactions

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Webinar Overview

Join this Financial Crime Academy Live Webinar on the topic of “Combating Human Trafficking: Unveiling the Connection to Bank Scams and Suspicious Transactions”.

Human trafficking, an abhorrent crime that has plagued societies for decades, has recently taken a dark turn with the emergence of a new trend – trafficking victims into scamming centers. In this sinister nexus of criminal activity, innocent individuals are coerced and forced to participate in various scams, exploiting their skills and anonymity to carry out fraudulent schemes with devastating consequences. This alarming phenomenon involves a well-orchestrated process, starting with luring victims, often from vulnerable populations, into the fold through deceitful means, followed by the exploitation of their talents for perpetrating scams. Operating in diverse locations and transcending international borders, these scamming centers inflict unimaginable harm on their victims, subjecting them to torture, injury, and even sales as commodities.

Within the scamming centers, the victims are coerced into engaging in “harmcore” tactics, manipulating unsuspecting individuals through deceitful approaches and targeted psychological manipulation. Moreover, the post-trafficking aftermath leaves a trail of trauma and despair, as survivors battle severe mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and face the risk of suicide.

In response to this rising threat, concerted efforts are being made to combat human trafficking and its connection to bank scams and suspicious transactions. However, the multifaceted nature of the crime demands a comprehensive approach, involving collaboration between law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Raising awareness, enhancing victim support, and implementing stringent regulatory measures against suspicious transactions are among the possible actions to dismantle this harrowing web of criminality. By delving into the heart of this intricate issue, we can strive to create a safer world, free from the horrors of human trafficking and the malevolent influence of scamming centers.

Guest Speaker

Matthew Friedman Photo

Matthew Friedman


Matt Friedman is an international human trafficking expert with more than 30 years’ experience. He is CEO of The Mekong Club, an organization of Hong Kong’s leading businesses which have joined forces to help end all forms of modern slavery. Mr. Friedman previously worked for USAID and the United Nations in over 40 countries.


Denitsa Rebaine Photo

Denitsa Rebaine


Denitsa Rebaine has over 7 years of experience in financial crime compliance. She is the EMEA Deputy Head of Sanctions at a US investment banking services company. In her role, she manages sanctions risk and provides advice and guidance to functional partners and key stakeholders – regionally and globally, on OFAC, and EU/UK sanctions.

Webinar Outline

  • New Crime: Human Trafficking into Scamming Centres
  • The Bait
  • Scam Approach
  • Locations
  • Scam Victims: Torture. Injury, Sales
  • Harmcore
  • Post Trafficking: PTSD/Suicide
  • Scamming People in Hong Kong and Beyond
  • Future of this Crime
  • What is Being Done
  • Possible Actions

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