Embracing Technology in KYC and AML Compliance

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Webinar Overview

The webinar on “Embracing Technology in KYC and AML Compliance” explores the integration of new technologies in organizations to enhance their compliance processes. The discussion delves into the current and future landscape of compliance, emphasizing the role of augmented intelligence in facilitating faster and smarter decision-making. It also highlights the significance of generative AI as copilots and assistants in streamlining compliance tasks. The webinar addresses the benefits and challenges associated with advanced technologies in KYC and AML compliance.

In conclusion, current compliance processes have reached a point of unsustainability. The solution lies in the synergy between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, with AI serving as a powerful tool to augment human decision-making capabilities. While copilots, driven by AI, can enhance efficiency, the emphasis remains on maintaining the quality of compliance efforts.

Guest Speaker

Francisco Mainez

Francisco Mainez


Francisco leads the Financial Crime and Regulatory Affairs capability at Lucinity, where he is using his experience in Financial Crime and Intelligence to integrate different capabilities into solutions that can improve prevention, detection and investigation of Financial Crimes, as well as ensuring alignment between relevant regulations and the Lucinity product.


Denitsa Rebaine Photo

Denitsa Rebaine


Denitsa Rebaine has over 7 years of experience in financial crime compliance. She is the EMEA Deputy Head of Sanctions at a US investment banking services company. In her role, she manages sanctions risk and provides advice and guidance to functional partners and key stakeholders – regionally and globally, on OFAC, and EU/UK sanctions.

Webinar Outline

  • Compliance Processes: Current and Future
  • Augmented Intelligence: paving the way to Faster, Smarter decisions
  • Generative AI: copilots & assistants
  • Advanced Technologies: Benefits & Challenges
  • Closing / Key Takeaways

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