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Beyond Udemy

Congratulations on your achievements on Udemy!

Now, take the next crucial step in your learning journey. With our premium membership, join a global community of professionals from leading companies, including Goldman Sachs, Google, and J.P. Morgan, who have taken their careers to new heights. Our membership offers you unlimited access to over 100+ specialized courses and webinars, exclusive downloadable resources, and the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications. It’s time to go beyond the basics and unlock your full potential in the anti-financial crime arena.

Benefit Overview

Unlock a new level of learning with our premium membership, which is designed to provide a comprehensive pathway to mastery in anti-financial crime. While our courses on Udemy lay a strong foundation, our premium membership takes your education to the next level.

See how both platforms compare:


FCA Courses on Udemy

Premium Membership

Selected Introductory Courses
Downloadable Resources for the course
Unlimited access to 100+ courses and webinars
Industry-Recognized Certifications
Extensive Template and Policy Library with 100+ downloadable Templates
Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
Learning Paths Based on Experience
AI Tutor for Personalized Learning
Extensive Course Catalog
Global Professional Network
Curated Learning Paths
Extensive Industry Insights
Networking Opportunities

Why Upgrade to Premium?

While our Udemy courses provide a solid start, our premium membership opens the door to a vast array of advanced learning opportunities and exclusive benefits:

Expert Courses

Access 100+ topics

Get Certified

Recognized Credentials

Tailored Learning

Curated for all levels

Live Q&A

Weekly sessions

Personalized Help

Your AI companion

Network Widely

Connect globally

Downloadable Tools

100+ resources

Fast-Track Career

With certifications

Premier Learning

Advanced insights

Take Your Next Step in Professional Growth

Elevate your expertise and career with our premium membership, designed for those who seek to lead in the fight against financial crime.

Transformations and Triumphs:
Our Members’ Success Stories

Discover How FCA’s Premium Membership Catalyzes Career Growth and Skill Mastery

From Learner to Leader

Alex began his journey with FCA on Udemy, where he first encountered the world of anti-financial crime. Intrigued but seeking deeper knowledge, he transitioned to our premium membership. Through access to our extensive course catalog and weekly Live Q&A sessions, Alex gained unparalleled insights into AML and compliance. Within months, he earned his Certified Money Laundering Prevention Professional (CMLP) certification. Today, Alex leads a compliance team at a leading international bank, crediting FCA for his rapid career advancement.

Breaking Into the Field with Confidence

Maria, a recent graduate with a keen interest in financial crime prevention, was unsure where to start. Our premium membership provided her with a structured learning path tailored by our AI tutor to fit her novice level. Maria particularly benefited from the "Certificate in Countering Illegal Wildlife Trade," enhancing her understanding significantly. Her dedication and newfound expertise helped her secure a role at an NGO focused on financial crimes against wildlife, where she now contributes to meaningful change.

Networking to New Heights

John, a seasoned risk manager, joined FCA's premium membership for networking opportunities and advanced learning materials. Through our global professional network, he connected with peers across industries, sharing insights and best practices. This community, along with the certification as a Certified Audit and Investigations Professional (CAIP), propelled John into a consultancy role where he now advises firms on risk management strategies, leveraging the extensive industry insights gained from FCA.

A Refresher That Turned Into a Career Booster

Samantha, looking to refresh her knowledge in AML and KYC, found our premium membership courses to be "very targeted, clear, and well communicated." The comprehensive refresher not only solidified her existing knowledge but introduced her to new, critical areas in compliance. The practical assessments and downloadable materials were instrumental in her learning. With this strengthened expertise, Samantha successfully transitioned to a senior compliance officer role, overseeing AML strategies at her organization.

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