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Anti-Money Laundering Courses and Webinars

Certificate In Anti Money Laundering Foundations
Fca006 Certificate In Countering Illegal Wildlife Trade
Certificate In Aml Ctf Suspicious Activity Reports
Fca008 Certificate In Anti Money Laundering And Counter Terrorist Financing
Fca001 Certificate In Anti Money Laundering And Know Your Customer Foundations
Fca003 Certificate In Counter Terrorist Financing
Investigating Suspicious Activity
Fca025 Certificate In Environmental Crimes And Money Laundering
Trade Based Money Laundering Tbml
Fca007 Certificate In Know Your Customer Customer Due Diligence 1
Certificate In Know Your Customer Foundations
Fca029 Certificate In Aml Ctf Transaction Monitoring
Fca028 Certificate In Aml Ctf Risk Assessment
Fca030 Certificate In Performing Anti Money Laundering Aml Investigations
Fca032 Trade Based Anti Money Laundering
Fca031 Cryptocurrency Money Laundering And Risk Management
Current Risks And Challenges In Tm
Evolution Of Aml Transaction Monitoring 1
Risk And Transaction Monitoring For Financial Institutions Cover Image
Anti Money Laundering What You Need To Know Cover Image
Fca019 Checking The Box
Embracing Technology In Kyc And Aml Compliance Thumbnail
Combating Human Trafficking Thumbnail
Understanding Regulatory Expectations For Aml Risk Assessment Thumbnail
Aml Annual Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment (Ewra) Thumbnail

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Anti-Money Laundering Courses and Webinars Overview

What skills and capabilities will you acquire?

Among others:

  • Understand Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) in the context of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Avoid common pitfalls in SAR filing (e.g., Tipping-Off, Timing, etc.)
  • Understand intergovernmental frameworks and policies to prevent terrorist financing
  • Identify different levels of risk and customer due diligence
  • Explain the terms money laundering and terrorist financing and mechanics
  • Understand the differences between money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Identify relevant international standard-setters in the field of anti-money laundering
  • Build an effective AML Compliance Program to better protect organizations
  • Be aware of risks associated to money laundering and terrorist financing from an organizational perspective

Who should take anti-money laundering courses and webinars?

  • Professionals wanting to acquire and demonstrate specialized knowledge in AML and Compliance
  • Career starters and students wanting to get an edge in AML and Compliance (might be a challenge without prior knowledge)
  • Professionals wanting to increase their value through a better understanding of CTF and Compliance
  • Professionals wanting to build meaningful AML and Compliance knowledge to be used effectively in organizational
  • AML/CTF and compliance practice
  • Risk management professionals that want to effectively manage AML/CTF risks
  • Ambitious AML/CTF compliance personnel looking to broaden knowledge

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