FCA Live Webinar: Rethinking Compliance Training: Winning Trust

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Join this Live Webinar of the Financial Crime Academy on the topic “Rethinking Compliance Training: Winning Trust Through Engagement”

Literally nobody: “I am excited to attend the annual compliance training.” Painful to realize, right?

Yet, annual training sessions are still the main touchpoint employees have with your compliance program.

The most popular format for training, still today, is the classroom format where the compliance team

educates people about legal risks.

And that’s a massive, missed opportunity.

After all, actions by employees make or break a compliance program. So if training is an afterthought,

you’re doomed to fail. Employees will view compliance as not business minded and start ignoring

compliance-related tasks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Turn your compliance training into a showpiece with high ROI. By finding the right strategy and the best

communication format for your audience of employees (we go creative: from memes and tabletop games to

city tours).


● Jochen Vankerckhoven, Founder, Compliance Explained: Jochen transforms classic

compliance training into creative communications and trainings. He’s a former trade compliance

attorney and has held in-house positions as a compliance officer and legal counsel. Check the

website with tips & tricks on compliance training and communication: complianceexplained.com.


● Alexander Witt, Host & Moderator, Financial Crime Academy: Alex is a seasoned anti-financial

crime and compliance expert with a strong background in sanctions and export compliance. He’s an

experienced webinar host and is moderating this webinar for and on behalf of the Financial Crime


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