FCA Live Webinar: How to Prevent Fraud in Organizations?

We empower Anti-Financial Crime and Corporate Risk Management Professionals

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October 11


09:00 am - 10:00 am

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Financial Crime Academy

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Join our webinar on “How To Prevent Fraud in Organizations” on 11 October!

Fraud is the black hole of companies. Fraud can cause losses of 5% of companies annual income.
Fraudsters are people who know what’s going on inside the company. They have discovered vulnerabilities, and they are reckless about committing fraud. To combat such people, very effective strategies need to be

Join our webinar on “How To Fight Fraud In An Organization” on 11 October, where our panel of industry
experts will dive into the fraud fighting strategies so that you can have an insight on the concept.

Guest Speaker:

Salih Ahmed Islam, Group Internal Auditor, Groupe Rocher: Salih is an experienced internal
auditor, fraud examiner, and a seasoned Risk Management Professional who has wide perspective
on industries of consulting, textile, construction, petroleum, FMCG and retail.


Alexander Witt, Host & Moderator, Financial Crime Academy: Alex is a seasoned anti-financial
crime and compliance expert with a strong background in sanctions and export compliance. He’s an
experienced webinar host and is moderating this webinar for and on behalf of the Financial Crime

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