FCA Live Webinar: Risk and Transaction Monitoring for Financial Institution

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Join this Financial Crime Academy Live Webinar on the topic of “Risk and Transaction Monitoring for Financial Institutions”


Anna Stylianou, Anna Stylianou, Business Owner, AML Cube: Anna Stylianou has 20+ years of experience in the financial industry sector, she helps people understand how financial crime works in a simplified way. Having long-term practical experience in banking, electronic money services, and the investment industry, she has an overall understanding of compliance requirements in the overall financial sector. With passion for the crypto industry and especially in crypto anti-money laundering (AML).

Anna Stylianou, assist regulated entities, including crypto providers to understand what is required of them, how to implement tailored AML measures, and establish appropriate policies and procedures taking into consideration the specific money laundering risks in the specific industry they operate.


Denitsa Rebaine, Host & Moderator, Financial Crime Academy: Denitsa Rebaine has over 7 years of experience in financial crime compliance. She is currently Sanctions Compliance Officer at Citibank. In her role she manages sanctions risk and provides advice and guidance to functional partners and key stakeholders – regionally and globally, on OFAC sanctions regulations.

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