FCA Live Webinar: Risk Mitigation in Sanctions: Finding Hidden Connections

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Join this Financial Crime Academy Live Webinar on the topic “Risk Mitigation in Sanctions: How to Find Hidden Connections?”


Oksana Kharchenko, Business Development Specialist, YouControl: Oksana Kharchenko is a member of the YouControl, Ukrainian team of enthusiastic developers who have been developing analytic services based on open data, AML and KYC systems used by international companies since 2014. The YouControl system has gained considerable recognition in Ukraine and South Europe, it is used for regular compliance with 95% of banks and financial institutions represented in Ukraine. For several years now, Oksana Kharchenko has been developing sales and accompanying large clients in the direction of mitigating financial risks connected with sanctions, compliance, due diligence, AML / CTF. From February 2022, Mrs. Kharchenko has been responsible for developing new markets in Europe, finding and building strategic partnerships and new sales channels. And she represents a new direction – an international tool that allows you to identify involvement in sanctioned companies during regular AML inspections. In particular, it contains information on all sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, the most relevant in 2022 request from the compliance specialists. Before joining the YouControl team was dealing with development of B2B sales in the field of insurance sales and commercial real estate leasing. Has more than 10 years of sales and business developing experience.


Alexander Witt, Host & Moderator, Financial Crime Academy: Alex is a seasoned anti-financial crime and compliance expert with a strong background in sanctions and export compliance. He’s an experienced webinar host and is moderating this webinar for and on behalf of the Financial Crime Academy.

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