What is MISC? The Management Level Information Security Committee

Posted in Risk Management on April 12, 2024
What Is Misc?

What is MISC? Management Information Security Committee, or MISC, is a management-level data protection and cybersecurity committee headed by the organization’s CEO. The MISC works on behalf of the Board level Information Security Committee or BISC to regularly review and provide appropriate feedback to the management and employees regarding the overall compliance profile of the organization.

What Is Misc?

What is MISC?

Being the second line of defense, the information security team and the Chief Information Security Compliance Officer or CISO are responsible for the execution of specific elements and regulatory requirements of the information and data protection framework. 

MISC works with the business heads to ensure data compliance and creates compliance awareness through periodic MISC meetings and ongoing training, considering the risk-based approach to managing the information and data-related risks.

MISC comprises all the departmental heads as members of the MISC. They meet periodically to discuss information security breaches or potential data loss risks due to possible cyberattacks or unauthorized user data access. The Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO, serves as the secretary to the MISC. The CISO prepares and presents the agenda to the MISC members during their meetings.

MISC holds the overall responsibility for managing information security compliance risks faced by the entity and enhances the conversation with the BISC using periodic compliance reporting. Most notably, through this reporting process, the MISC gains a better understanding of what the BISC requires and how its directions must be implemented. Through a robust information security compliance program, MISC enriches the management dialogue by adding perspective to the strengths and weaknesses of a compliance strategy and data protection controls.

Once the compliance program and implementation strategy are set, the MISC provides an effective way for management to fulfill its role, knowing that the organization is attuned to risks that can impact strategy and is managing them well. Applying information risk management helps to create trust and instill confidence in the board, which demands greater data and information scrutiny than ever before.

What Is Misc?

Final Thoughts

MISC is a part of the overall governance structure and the foundation of an effective information security and cybersecurity program. It serves to set the compliance tone within the organization. In an organization such as a bank or a financial institution, the board of directors, through the MISC, ensures a strong information protection, data protection, and cybersecurity program compliance culture and implements the compliance program.